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How to Create Fedora LIVE Persistent USB from Ubuntu Steps to Create Fedora LIVE Persistent USB in Ubuntu. In this tutorial, I used livecd-tools which is a list of utilities bundled to create the LIVE usb for Fedora. This package is not available in base Ubuntu, hence you have to download it. Installation is not required as these are … Ubuntu Manpage: netfilter-persistent - load, flush and Provided by: netfilter-persistent_1.0.4_all NAME netfilter-persistent - load, flush and save netfilter rule sets SYNOPSIS netfilter-persistent start netfilter-persistent stop netfilter-persistent flush netfilter-persistent save DESCRIPTION netfilter-persistent uses a set of plugins to load, flush and save netfilter rules at boot and halt time. Kubernetes Persistent Volumes - 2020 Ultimate Guide Jan 27, 2020

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How to create a Ubuntu Persistent Storage Live USB drive Dec 22, 2019

Jul 27, 2017 · Step 3: Once done, enter the USB drive named UBUNTU and locate the folder Boot -> grub -> grub.cfg and open it with any text editor. Now, in order to Make a Persistent Linux USB Drive, you just need to add persistent keyword in the below-mentioned position.

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