Apr 26, 2020

Facebook ‘complicit’ in Vietnam censorship: Amnesty – Raw Apr 22, 2020 "The Art of Censorship in Vietnam" by Libby, Samantha The decision to remove one painting and ignore the other highlights the failure of Vietnam's policy of control and demonstrates the fundamentally self-defeating nature of censorship. Vietnam is in a unique position historically; it embraces Western capitalism and development and shuns the value system that brought the elites of the Socialist

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The Vietnam War and the media | Britannica The Vietnam conflict is often referred to as the “first television war.” Film from Vietnam was flown to Tokyo for quick developing and editing and then flown on to the United States. Important stories could be transmitted directly by satellite from Tokyo. There has been much discussion of the way television brought battles directly to American living rooms, but in fact most television

Sep 10, 2019

Reporting America at War . Walter Cronkite . On Censorship WALTER CRONKITE: On Censorship [The day's stories] would depend entirely on the action. It might very well be a feature story of some bravery that I witnessed or heard about, or it would be the Censorship! | American Experience | Official Site | PBS Learn about wartime letters and censorship. Myron Fox is a past vice president of the Military Postal History Society, a group that studies the mail that is sent to and from soldiers. Vietnam's new law tightens control of the internet - CNET Vietnam's new law tightens control of the internet. with companies practicing self-censorship. Vietnam's new law is "crucial" in the fight against cybercrime, said Vo Trong Viet, head of the 10 Most Censored Countries - Committee to Protect Journalists