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Create strong passwords with Diceware | TechRadar May 18, 2018 1Password 4 for Windows Release Notes Removed a curse word from the diceware generator. Added Android to the Wi-Fi Sync instructions. {OPW-467} We added more countries to match the official ISO country list. Fixed. Bug: auto-saving on will result into an exception. Fixed. {OPW-528} Bug: 1Password crashes on a LAN automatic configuration script bigger than 100Kb. Fixed.

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May 14, 2020

Diceware involves randomly choosing words from a list of 7776 short words. (7776 = 6 to the power 5, so you can choose a word at random by rolling 5 dice.) The problem is that there seems to be a limit in WordSequence of 5205 words. Whenever I try to put more in it won't let me. 1Password is a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use password

How does 1Password generate passwords? Like most great things, it starts with a recipe of sorts: cryptographically secure number generation, randomness, uniformity (and a teaspoon of modulo-magic). 1Password uses these ingredients to auto-generate unique passwords for you.